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Beth Leydon, MS

Personal Development Coach




I am an artist, a musician, a wife and a mother. I am a seeker of wisdom and hope to remain always curious. I strive to live my life in the most authentic way possible. 

I was licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist in 1988 and had a robust private practice in Auburn for nearly 30 years. Around the year 2015, I became increasingly disillusioned by our health care system. I reject the medical model that looks for what is wrong with us, and choose instead to seek out what is right with us. I thus began searching for new ways to be of service to people. 


In 2016, I was certified as a Professional Coach by New Ventures West, a training program based in San Francisco. The model is referred to as Integral Coaching because it addresses the client in a holistic way. While we are focused on the client's presenting issue, we are also working with their level of development to really effect change on a deeper, sustainable level. This way of working transcends mere goal setting or behavioral change. We are looking to change our way of being.


I have also completed the Level 1 Training in Internal Family Systems work. This powerful modality is used for psychotherapy, coaching and self exploration. IFS is interested in exploring all of the facets that make up our complex selves. We identify and work with sub-personalities, or "parts," towards a goal of improved self-understanding, emotional regulation, positive habit formation and calm clarity. In my entire career, I have never been as excited about any approach to personal development and healing as I am about IFS. 


Most recently, I was certified as a SoulCollage Facilitator. This intuitive, creative process is often done in workshop or group settings. Like IFS, it is a powerful tool for self exploration, dialoguing with our parts and tapping into our internal wisdom. 

Beth Leydon | Certified Life Coach

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