My gratitude for the evening you created of discovery, meaning and great kinship. It was a pleasure to meet you all. I am excited to participate in your future offerings.  ~ M.L.


I really enjoyed the workshop!  It was super powerful and fun to see how to use the cards in different ways. Group energy is always so dynamic as well.  ~ J.F.


I'm thrilled with this concept and finally have someplace to put all the zillions of bits and pieces of my life together. That's an extraordinarily valuable exercise for me. So I'm all in! Can't wait until the next time.  ~ E.W.


.......about their coaching experience

What Clients are Saying

With Beth's clear and gentle guidance, I was able to access places inside myself that had been hidden. Our first session I arrived feeling parched and cut off from parts of myself. With enthusiasm, and skillful means, Beth held a safe space for me to explore, remember and reclaim all of my gifts and all that I have to offer. Our last session I left feeling juicy, inspired and knowing full well my life's work and worth.  Thank you, Beth!

      ~Leah L, Nevada City

Unlike any counseling I sought in the past, Beth's coaching opened a new avenue of learning and understanding. The clarity I was able to achieve was well beyond any previous counseling, this I believe was due to this coaching process. Beth would direct questions and inquire into areas of self discovery that in turn would bring about answers to feelings and experiences. Her coaching style was always positive which allowed me to benefit greatly.  I always felt a sense of clarity and understanding.


I had heard about "life coaching" from many friends and colleagues. With my situation, I did not think this would be of any great benefit. What I soon began to realize is that it was what I needed at exactly the right time. Upon meeting Beth, I sensed a strong intuitive nature. Her presence is kind, sincere and respectful. Her talents allow her to delve deep into a situation, all the while extracting answers without one knowing what is happening. That is a gift. My belief is that this comes from her strong listening skills, years of experience and a gentle nature that creates an open environment. I always left our sessions with a renewed feeling of confidence, an internal understanding of my feelings and a smile. 


     ~Terry R.  Auburn, CA


Beth Leydon, MS

Personal Development Coach




......about SoulCollageĀ®

Beth's coaching is incredibly powerful and transformational on so many levels.  I had so many amazing breakthroughs in working with her.  The process she uses in working with her clients helps us acknowledge and work with all of our parts with deep awareness.  She facilitates the process in such a way that helped me face obstacles and issues that have been dogging me for most of the life!  Now I have life-long tools that nurture my self-leadership and help revolutionize my decision making. I feel grateful to have discovered Beth and her revolutionary approach to coaching - which also integrates both the Internal Famlly Systems modality of therapy and SoulCollagĀ® into the process. Working with Beth has been truly life-changing!

    ~ Jennifer F, Grass Valley

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